data analysis

Series plot

The series plot is a type o linear or layered plot most often used to represent changes in time. The plot may represent size for a primary variable category or statistics for a...

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Building charts with bricks

Data visualisation helps present in an attractive way information that could be difficult to interpret in the form of a table. Undoubtedly, for many managers, the phrase ‘time is...

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When letters count in a table

A common task analysts are often faced with is to establish whether there are any relationships between variables and, if there is a, what is the nature of the relationship.

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Story of a Pie

You may not know this but this year is the 217th birthday of the humble pie chart. Its first known, and purposeful, application was the visualisation of the geographical...

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Three ways to perceive reliability

When measuring a phenomenon, you need to select the right tool. To measure temperature, you use a thermometer; alcohol content in breath is measured with an alcometer; and weight,...

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Trees that grow from tables

When stepping outside the domain of distributive and descriptive statistics for individual variables, we usually take interest in correlations between variables.

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