As a company dealing with analytical tools and their use in practice, Predictive Solutions (formerly: SPSS Polska) has always been offering a wide range of services related to advanced data analysis. Since its establishment in 1991, it has expanded the range of analytical areas in which it offers support to its customers, from statistical analysis, through data mining, to data science.

Today, the analyses offered include not only the use of quantitative data, but also text data, by performing text mining analyses using algorithms based on natural language processing.

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On our part, we support our customers not only with knowledge of analytical techniques, but also with knowledge in different areas of expertise, from analytical support of customer relationship management (CRM) to detection of money laundering fraud (AML).



Understanding advanced analytical techniques related to data science, such as deep neural networks, is difficult when the person does not understand classic networks such as multilayer perceptron, and these are easier to understand if the person is familiar with statistical techniques such as logistic and linear regression. As an analytical company, we offer support to our customers in the effective use of such techniques to support decision-making processes.



Data analysis is currently used very broadly, from areas related to increasing the chances of selling products and services to risk mitigation in cooperation with customers. For our part, we can assist in the use of analytics both in customer relationship management (CRM), customer experience management in cooperation with the company (CEM), and in the detection of various types of fraud, regardless of whether they concern finance or various kinds of information.



With more than 20 years of experience in using data analysis, we are ready to support our customers in this area. We offer services including the preparation and implementation of marketing research of customers, analysis of existing data sources, including those collected in big data solutions. We assist our customers in preparing analytical reports as well as in building predictive models and their subsequent maintenance - adapting to changing conditions, expanding into new areas, monitoring business performance.

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