Entropy is a measure of disorder or uncertainty in a probability distribution.

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Gini index

The Gini index is a measure of the concentration of a variable's distribution.

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Logistic regression

Regression is used to predict the value of the dependent (predicted) variable on the basis of the value of the independent variable or variables (predictors).

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Neural networks

Neural networks are a family of algorithms that are becoming increasingly popular for tasks in the areas of prediction, classification, and clustering.

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Factor analysis

The aim of factor analysis is to explain as much of the variation as possible with as few variables as possible.

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The power of a test

The power of a test is the probability of detecting a statistically significant effect when one actually occurs in the population under study.

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Kurtosis and skewness are measures of asymmetry that describe such properties as the shape and asymmetry of the distribution under analysis. They provide us with information on...

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