data analysis

Bayesian inference

Bayesian inference is a method of statistical inference. It is named after Thomas Bayes, the British mathematician and pastor who...

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Population Pyramid

When looking for the best way to visualize the data you have, you may come across an impressively wide range of different types of...

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The Three-Sigma Rule

The three-sigma rule is an important tool in statistics and quality management. In the context of data analysis, it allows the...

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Statistical inference

Statistical inference is the branch of statistics through which it becomes possible to describe, analyse and make inferences about...

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Levels of measurement

The level of measurement is one of the most important properties of variables. It determines which statistical tests will be available to the researcher during the course of the...

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Pearson's chi-square correlation test

Popular statistical tests include Pearson's chi-square tests. It is worth noting at the outset that this test has more than one application. In this material, I will discuss the...

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