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A new version of PS IMAGO PRO, a complex analytical and reporting solution, is available!

PS IMAGO PRO 7 users receive the latest version of the IBM SPSS Statistics 27 engine featuring a number of new procedures including Power analysis (as many as 11 tests and statistical methods), and the introduction of Cohen's Kappa coefficient. Among the improvements to existing procedures are tests that measure effect size, an improved interface for quantile regression, and changes to the command syntax.

In addition to the new statistical procedures, the performance of IBM SPSS Statistics has also been enhanced and now includes advanced search for procedures, documentation and commands in the command syntax. Automatic session recovery has also been introduced.

In order to meet the expectations of users, the Predictive Solutions team has introduced procedures for text data transformation and cleaning along with assessment of similarity between text strings utilizing popular edit distance measures.


New procedures in text data in Predictive Solutions menu


In its latest version PS IMAGO PRO 7 offers two text analysis procedures for content written in the Latin alphabet:

 Clear Text

Contains functions for transforming, cleaning and adjusting text variables to comply with user-defined guidelines. This option allows, among others, to search for and replace diacritic characters in Polish, German, Hungarian, Spanish and Italian, correct letter size, and remove or replace white characters, text fragments, or character groups (e.g. only numbers, or only punctuation marks). It can also be used to check for the presence of duplicate characters.



Compare Text

Contains measures that describe the similarity of text strings (Hamming distance; Levenshtein distance; Levenshtein distance – Optimal String Alignment; Jaro distance; Jaro-Winkler distance; Needleman-Wunsch distance; Longest Common Substring).



New analytical engine  - IBM SPSS Statistics 27


In addition to the new statistical procedures, existing procedures have also been improved.

Power analysis

Used in designing and building a survey, Power analysis makes it possible to estimate the size of the sample or power of the test, contributing to increased effectiveness of the experimental surveys being conducted and reasoning on their basis. It has been implemented for 11 existing tests and statistical methods, including:

  • t-test (for one sample, dependent samples, and independent samples);
  • ANOVA single-factor variance analysis;
  • binomial test (for one sample, dependent samples, and independent samples);
  • correlation (Pearson's, Spearman's, partial);
  • linear regression of one variable.


Weighted Cohen’s Kappa Coefficient

Determines the degree of repeatability of the classification of observations by more than one evaluator. In addition, this procedure offers the choice of linear or square weighting of the observations.


Ability to estimate the effect size and confidence intervals for tests.

In PS IMAGO PRO 7.0 you can find:

  • Cohen’s d and Hedges correction for one sample t-test and dependent samples t-test;
  • Cohen’s d, Hedges’ correction and Glass’s Delta for independent samples t-test;
  • measures eta squared, epsilon squared, fixed-effect omega squared, and random-effect omega squared for ANOVA single-factor variance analysis.



Improvement to the user interface for quantile regression which

 Allows the determination of the quantile grid.


Improvements to the MATRIX procedure

Improvements to the MATRIX procedure can be found in the following functions: probability distributions, non-central probability distributions, generation of random variables, significance levels for Chi-square and F distributions as well as the distribution function for non-central Beta distribution.


Changes to output objects

A new type of graph has been added – bubble graph, which further extends existing chart functionality for visualizing variables.

The chart wizard as well as the template wizard have been improved and are now more compatible and intuitive. In this way, after defining an individual template, (e.g. consistent with a corporate style guide), the user can use it directly for the selected graph.

The new version also comes with easier chart editing, enhanced object formatting (including formatting to APA standards). Care has also been taken to ensure that any exported graphic objects may be saved as high resolution *.eps files.


Improved work efficiency

In addition to the new statistical procedures, existing procedures have also been improved.

The usability of the software has been improved. Advanced search for procedures, documentation and command syntax have been implemented in the new version of IBM SPSS Statistics 27.

In addition, thanks to automatic version saving and recovery, the user does not lose any work results in case of unexpected technical problems.


Clearer interface

The new version of IBM SPSS Statistics also brings visual changes. With bright colors and a new format, the IBM SPSS Statistics interface offers more intuitive navigation.

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