NPS as voice of the customer

PS HORIZON is dedicated to the continuous monitoring of customer satisfaction. NPS surveys are triggered immediately following contact with the customer, or during a particular cycle. The organisation continuously and systematically collects opinions of customers concerning their needs and expectations. 

Immediate distribution

PS HORIZON automatically shares the customer's voice across the entire organization. Each recipient receives only the information that applies to him. Where particular attention is required, alerts are made automatically or manually. Since the system is installed on-premise, additional information may be attached to the survey e.g. from a CRM system.


Thanks to dedicated dashboards, PS HORIZON allows users to have information about the current level of NPS indexes and other KPIs. Dashboards contain not only information about the current status, but are designed to encourage and facilitate regular interaction by users with the system.

Increased customer satisfaction

PS HORIZON allows full alert management. Information about any actions taken is saved and archived in the system (optionally also in a CRM system). In short, PS HORIZON provides users with a dedicated and intuitive tool that facilitates systematic growth in customer satisfaction.

Up-to-date management information

PS HORIZON enables advanced, multidimensional analysis which assist in making strategic decisions about customers, products, and service levels. Thanks to dedicated analytical reports for each touchpoint, decisions can be made based on high-quality information across all customers and across all touchpoints.

Full control

The on-premise nature of PS HORIZON ensures data security and full IT control. The solution is flexible allowing the possibility of integrating the operational part with existing systems (e.g. with a CRM system), thereby meeting internal standards concerning security, maintenance, and GDPR. PS HORIZON ensures that all data from the surveys are collected and archived inside the organisation.

NPS index in practical use

NPS index in practical use

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Customer Experience

Identification of any dissatisfied customer immediately after contact allows actions to be taken that may improve their experience in future contacts with the organisation.

Through alert and notification mechanisms, PS HORIZON delivers key information regarding customers for whom additional supporting actions are required. This information together with the conduct and management of problem cases is available in a single, unified environment. This not only helps facilitate supervision of current cases but also allows for the assessment of the customer representative. Efficient monitoring and management of this area significantly contributes to reduction in customer churn and increases customer satisfaction.

Customer Service

Building customer happiness and satisfaction is possible only with a well-organized and centrally managed case handling process where every interaction with the customer is assessed.

Good relations between an organisation and its customers is a very significant element in building and maintaining a competitive advantage. Since customer representatives are typically unable to handle all contacts with all customers, it is important to continuously monitor the quality of customer service and the level of customer satisfaction. PS HORIZON allows automatic identification of cases that require special actions. The supervisor has insight into the course of these interactions, and a pre-defined group of recipients receive operational reports regarding satisfaction indicators, adapted to their roles and authority.

HR Manager

A customer service quality assessment system is often connected with an incentive scheme for employees who interact with it directly. The idea is that in doing so a higher quality of service is guaranteed.

In many organisations employee renumeration is related to customer satisfaction indicators. Therefore, customer contact monitoring and quality evaluation is of key importance. PS HORIZON is a complete environment that supports this process, facilitating implementation of research, analysis of the collected data and delivery of results to both supervising and supervised employees.


Sales Manager

Acquisition and utilization of additional information about customers allows products and services to be better adjusted, thereby ensuring more effective sales.

We never have full and up-to-date information about the customer since their preferences may change, and new competitive products continuously appear on the market. Even knowing what products the customer has, we are not always able to propose the next product effectively. Information obtained in a customer survey helps us better understand customer preferences, how they use our products, and how they evaluate us. This additional information can make a significant contribution to sales campaigns thereby improving an organisation’s bottom-line.


Solution components


implementation of research

A complete solution for surveys using any channel, PS HORIZON handles the whole research process, from building the survey, to collecting data, monitoring progress, and survey management.

An integrated environment for survey questionnaires makes it possible to build multilingual questionnaires for any area in the organization's operations. Surveys can be performed  using many channels with support for implementing surveys across web systems and mobile applications (including CAWI, CATI, and MOBI). In addition, a researcher has the possibility to make changes to the content of the survey at any moment during the course of its design.

satisfaction monitoring

An environment that ensures ongoing reporting of customer satisfaction and service quality, PS HORIZON, simultaneously allows constant monitoring and management of customer satisfaction. NPS questionnaires are triggered immediately following the customer's contact with the organisation. If any areas are rated low, then the employee responsible for it is notified . Thanks to the built-in environment for handling customer cases, the account manager has the possibility to manage contacts with dissatisfied customers. Additionally, an extensive operational and management reporting module allows effective monitoring of the level of customer satisfaction.

integration with systems

The ability to integrate the operational part with existing systems (e.g. with a CRM system) to meet internal security and maintenance standards. Moreover, data acquired in the survey can be augmented with data from existing CRM systems.

Exchange of information and use of all available data are important elements of efficient information flow. In this case, the following are of key importance: security, repeatability and consistency of transmitted data. All three aspects can be accomplished only within an integrated IT environment working under IT control.

advanced analysis

Users have access to basic and advanced data analysis techniques based on the IBM SPSS Statistics engine - the most frequently used software for analyzing survey data.

Access to advanced analytical techniques and tools for results distribution provide an organization with many new possibilities compared to other reporting tools. Analysis of dependencies, predicting buyer behavior or anticipating shopping intentions are just a small number of possibilities offered by the integrated analytical environment.

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