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The count down is for the kayaker, Ola Stach, who has recently qualified for the Tokyo Olympic Games. These are the first Olympic Games with women’s C1 slalom so the stakes couldn’t be higher for Ola.

We've been closely following this young athlete for over two years now, and we know that this qualification has been truly well-earned.



Throughout this time, Ola has not only worked on her prowess and technique in slalom (C1), but she has also competed in mixed pairs slalom (C2 mix), and in classic sprint (K1). This athlete's class is proven by, among others, a gold medal in C2 mix at the World Championship in Rio in 2018, another gold in La Seu d'Urgell in 2019,  regular participation in the finals of international competitions, and more than ten medals from domestic championships.

Ola has retained her place in the national team, and has never lost her enthusiasm for hard work regardless of whether she is returning from competitions with a set of medals, or only with satisfaction and new experiences. Throughout this time, there have been many successes and we are proud that we have contributed to her effort.


Ola's feelings after these performances speak volumes for her spirit and determination:

"I qualified to the final for both Cups, by taking the 7th and 6th position, respectively. I consider this a major success - two finals in two weeks.

My belief that I'm chasing the world's elite with small steps is confirmed. My participation in the finals is exceptional, since these are finals. There, only confident, but risky paddling will work. It means mistakes happen.

There is always something you can improve, something to work on, so I draw conclusions from these competitions, and I hope that I'll fix these elements in Tokyo.

Each year I feel differently, and each year I know more, I have more skills and experience. I really want to thank you for this time - for your financial support, and just for being there. Knowing that I have an ally watching my back, brings peace of mind and helps me focus on the actual goal."

Thank you for your insights and kind words, Ola.  We look forward to more of these!

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